Bob Corlew Campaign Releases “Border” ad

Judge Bob Corlew highlights visit to U.S.-Mexico border in latest campaign ad

MOUNT JULIET, TN – Today, the campaign of Judge Bob Corlew released “Border,” the fourth television ad of the Bob Corlew for Congress campaign.

Border” was shot on location in Texas and New Mexico across from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and highlights Judge Corlew’s commitment to securing our country’s future by securing the border. That commitment includes keeping illegal criminal aliens and members of the MS-13 gang from entering our country, keeping illegal counterfeit drugs out of our communities, and fighting unfair trade deals so we can bring jobs back across the border.”

Watch “Border” here, full link:

Judge Bob Corlew released the following statement: “If we don’t secure our border, we can’t secure our nation’s future. But simply talking about securing our border is not enough as it has delivered little positive action in Congress.

When I get to Congress, I want to help President Trump finish the wall and stop illegal immigration. I believe actions speak louder than words, so I visited the U.S-Mexico border last week to understand what are the real problems at the border and what I can do in Congress to solve them.  Along the border, I had the privilege to meet with border patrol agents, law enforcement officials and small business owners, and walk along the current wall that is between our country and Mexico. I witnessed our border patrol and law enforcement bravely protecting and serving our country despite constant criticism from the liberal left and those in media.

“What I heard at the border should not be surprising. To secure the border and stop illegal criminal aliens from entering our country, we must finish the wall, end chain migration and be vigilant in the pursuit of dangerous criminals like the notorious MS-13 gang who have engulfed families and neighborhoods. To protect the border, the border patrol and law enforcement need more resources to do their jobs. I will also work to stop drug traffickers from bringing dangerous illegal counterfeit drugs like those laced with fentanyl across the border. And because open borders cost Tennessee jobs, I will fight unfair trade deals to bring back jobs across the border so Tennesseans can work in Tennessee.”