Bob Corlew for Congress Announces Campaign Team

President Trump’s Tennessee State Director and Campaign Pollster join experienced Corlew campaign team.

Today, Bob Corlew, the conservative Republican candidate for Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District, announced his campaign team.

“When I made the decision to run for Congress, I set out to put together a marquee team of conservative professionals who have a record of winning elections in Tennessee and across the country. This team more than fits that bill,” said Bob Corlew, the conservative Republican for Congress.  “I feel confident that we are in a great position to be successful so that the people of Tennessee's 6th Congressional District will have a Congressman who will work with President Trump and bring Christian Conservative Tennessee values to Congress."


Bob Corlew for Congress Campaign Team

Pollster:                            Tony Fabrizio
Tony Fabrizio, a partner in Fabrizio, Lee & Associates, is widely recognized as an expert in public opinion and politics and one of the nation’s leading GOP pollsters and strategists. Fabrizio has served as the Chief Pollster on four Presidential campaigns, most notably and recently Donald Trump’s successful 2016 upset victory.


Senior Advisor:                Darren Morris
Darren Morris served as President Trump’s 2016 State Director for Tennessee and as Chief of Staff for the state of Florida. Morris is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in successful political management and grassroots organization efforts across the United States.


Senior Advisor:                Gregory Gleaves
Gregory Gleaves is the president of Direct Edge Campaigns and is the former Executive Director of the Tennessee Republican Party. Under his leadership at the TNGOP, the Governor’s office was flipped, the Congressional delegation changed from 5-4 Democrats to 7 -2 Republicans, and there was a 14-seat pick-up in the state house.


Senior Advisor:                Penny Judd
Penny Judd brings almost two decades of leadership serving in roles at the federal, state, and local levels with appointments to The White House, Office of Management and Budget, and U.S. Department of Labor and most recently, led Community Relations at TVA. Judd graduated from Tennessee Tech University and also completed TVA’s Leadership Management Program from Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management.


Campaign Manager:        George Wass
George Wass brings extensive organizing and grassroots experience to the Corlew campaign as he served as State Operations Manager and Field Director for Americans for Prosperity in North Carolina.


General Consultant:        Mark Braden
Mark Braden is a seasoned political operative with extensive experience in Tennessee politics who has served as the campaign manager for three U.S. Senators and worked in other senior-level positions with elected officials and leaders.


Media:                              Jonathan Poe
Jonathan Poe is a partner at Rising Tide Media Group and was named one of the country’s top 10 political operatives by POLITICO and was recognized by Charlie Cook as “one of the most talented operatives ever to work at a House or Senate Committee.”