There are 450,000 veterans in Tennessee and the 6th Congressional District is home to some of the most veteran-heavy counties in the state.

We have a responsibility to care for veterans and their families, especially those veterans who were injured or disabled while in the line of duty.  Over the years, there have been well-intentioned efforts to reform the VA, but we still find veterans are still waiting too long for health care and too much of the care they do receive is sub-standard. 

Additionally, military families are the backbone of our military and supporting military families is so important to protect our country’s national security. Military families face significant fiscal strain and uncertainty due to of frequent moves and having single incomes. According to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, military spouses face unemployment rates four times higher than the national average.

To support veterans and military families, Congress must enact substantial and long-term reforms that prioritize the veteran and their families. I will fight for veterans and military families to: 

  • Offer veterans the choice of private health care with funds from the VA, and further reform health insurance for future veterans.
  • Put forward reforms to increase the transparency of the Veterans Health Administration
  • Put forward policies to retain top talent in the military and focusing on supporting their support-network 
  • Provide more transition assistance and make it available to spouses.
  • Work to promote business ownership programs for military veterans and their families as entrepreneurship could be more attractive with their changing schedules.
  • Find public and private partnerships to ensure veterans and military families who become addicted to opioids get the treatment they need and deserve.
  • Provide more child care for military families
  • Update and modernize our family health centers, online and offline
  • Partner with non-profit organizations to provide military veterans and their families with family and marriage counseling
  • Promote greater integration for military families in their local communities through private-public partnerships