Bob Corlew Statement on Nashville Transit Referendum

"As a resident of Wilson County, I am well-aware of the traffic and congestion problems facing those in and around Nashville. The proposal in front of Davidson County voters does little to ease traffic and congestion, and is nothing more than a blank check for a half-baked plan that reminds me of Nancy Pelosi's 'we have to pass the bill to know what is in it.'


What we do know is that the proposal costs too much, ignores the needs of our region, and proposes use of an expensive and antiquated system to meet modern needs to ease traffic and congestion. The tax increases to pay for the proposal will burden workers and those on fixed incomes, and will stunt our region's continued explosive growth.


The residents of Davidson County and the residents of middle Tennessee should demand more from their leaders. There is no doubt that we should be investing to ease movement on highways, on roads, on rails, and in the air, but this proposal is low on concrete plans despite its high promises and high costs.


For these reasons, I urge Davidson County residents to vote ‘no’ on the transit referendum."