Bob Corlew Statement on Tax Day

Today is Tax Day, the annual reminder to American taxpayers that we send too much of our hard-earned money to the federal government. In return, taxpayers get less than stellar service and an out-of-control national debt.

Throughout the course of this campaign, the voters of the 6th Congressional District have told me they want their next Congressman to vote to keep their taxes low and to balance the budget.  Under President Trump, things are getting better but far too many families and individuals are stretching every dollar at home and are left with tough spending decisions related to basic necessities. Tennesseans are gathering around their kitchen tables balancing household budgets and Washington should be expected to do the same.

While my two opponents have supported tax and fee increases that would hurt the average Tennessean, I will reject voting for tax increases when I am in Congress. I was honored to sign the Americans for Tax Reform “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” and their pledge to repeal the estate tax. Additionally, I support the balanced budget amendment to the Constitution because the career politicians in Washington have refused to get serious about balancing the budget and reducing the debt. In Congress, I will stand with President Trump and conservatives in Congress to keep our taxes low and balance the budget to ensure Tennesseans keep more of their hard-earned paycheck.

Bob Corlew signing "Taxpayer Protection Pledge"