Democrats will stop at nothing to impeach President Trump

Judge Bob Corlew, Candidate for Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District

June 14, 2018


Political prognosticators have predicted there might be a blue wave coming in November. They believe the House will flip to Democrat control and the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee could decide who controls the U.S. Senate. It is important to keep in mind these same prognosticators also discounted then-candidate Donald J. Trump, and all but anointed Hillary Clinton as the 45th President of the United States.

Although I believe the Republicans will stay in control in Washington, Democrats in the House of Representatives have become more vocal on impeaching our president if they do take control as the prognosticators predict.

Impeaching President Trump is becoming a campaign promise from Democratic candidates in races across the country and a litmus test for their far-left liberal donors and activists. Democratic Congressman Al Green of Texas stated that President Trump is “the quintessential person that impeachment was designed for” and Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California said “to get ready for impeachment.” Tom Steyer, a billionaire liberal from California, is running over $20 million worth of television ads imploring Congress to impeach President Trump.

Because impeachment is becoming a normal talking point of the Democrats, I do believe that the first thing Nancy Pelosi will do if she becomes Speaker again will be to take up articles of impeachment against President Trump. That is why if I am elected, I will pursue a seat on the House Judiciary Committee because this committee will be the battleground in the fight to prevent Nancy Pelosi and liberals in the House from impeaching our president.

During my decades of experience on the bench here in middle Tennessee, I stood with the Constitution to protect our rule of law, and was never shy about making rulings that were deemed politically incorrect. I believe this experience will provide valuable insight to my fellow House members to assist them through what will no doubt be a loud and divisive process, and help discourage them from making a political decision to impeach.

It matters who we send up to Congress and I am the only one in the race with the experience and background to stop Nancy Pelosi and liberals from impeaching our president. I would be honored to serve the 6th Congressional District as our next Congressman so we can safeguard our Constitution from liberal members of Congress, activists, and donors who are hell-bent on impeaching President Trump.